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Look at this brilliant blue smoothie!! My new obsession is frozen wild blueberries and I’ve been grabbing a pack of Organic Wild Blueberries every time I run into Trader Joe’s (the best $3 I spend that day).


Wild blueberries are the smaller, tiny ones that contain 33% more anthocyanins (a flavonoid with potent antioxidant capacities) than regular blueberries AND are responsible for this smoothie’s beautiful, bright color.

Recently, I’ve been shying away from cold drinks in the morning, choosing warming gut-healthy homemade teas and tonics to start my day. This protein-rich smoothie is a perfect afternoon snack when your salad didn’t quite cut it for lunch and you’re itching for something sweet. I love the added punch of ginger to balance the ripe bananas and wild blueberries. Toss in your green of choice and blend it up. This anti-inflammatory & antioxidant rich smoothie is *the* cure for your mid-day slump!

Blueberry Smoothie.png

Total time: 10 mins, yields 1 serving (16 oz)


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  1. Add all ingredients to blender (to protect your blender, add in order listed)

  2. Blend until smooth, serve

Store in refrigerator up to three days

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