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It’s finally 2021! Did you set a resolution the other day? While I’m not anti-New Year’s Resolution, the goals we compile tend to be lofty or difficult to attain, and then we beat ourselves up if we stray from the path. If I’ve learned anything this year, it’s that we need to be kinder to ourselves. Maybe your body has changed since March, maybe you’ve cried more times these past few months than in the past few years combined. Take solace in knowing that your body and mind got you through this difficult time, and our experiences only make us stronger. If anyone reading this had a goal of starting the year a little bit healthier (or maybe you’re just trying to come off the post-holiday sugar rush), this one is for you!

Chocolate. Hummus. Believe me, if you have never tried this you are missing out. The OG in this arena, Delighted by, was founded in 2015 by entrepreneur Makenzie Marzluff and was featured on Shark Tank. The company’s Hummus Brownie Batter, along with a range of other flavors, is pretty mainstream and a staple at Whole Foods. In recent years other hummus companies have jumped in on the trend (Sabra, Boar’s Head, Cedars, etc.), however, these options are LOADED with added sugar. I’ve been making this six ingredient version for years, and as I always say on this blog, there is nothing like a homemade version of a classic. I blend my favorite dark chocolate (Hu Kitchen gems), along with potassium and fiber-rich chickpeas, a few other ingredients and voilà! I love to eat a couple spoonfuls when I’m craving a sweet, but you can also spread it on crackers, fruit and even use it as a cake frosting (it becomes much firmer once refrigerated). Let me know what you think! 

Chocolate Hummus

Total time: 20 mins


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  1. Rinse and drain one can of chickpeas

  2. Remove their skins by rubbing the chickpea between your thumb and fingers (Do not skip this step as it ensures creaminess!)

  3. Once skins are removed, rinse beans again

  4. Add chocolate and coconut oil to a microwave safe bowl and heat in 30 second increments, stirring until melted

  5. Add melted chocolate mixture, chickpeas, milk, maple syrup and vanilla to a blender or food processor

  6. Combine until smooth

Store in refrigerator up to five days

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